Wednesday, November 14, 2007

People. People who like People.

I like people! Here is something I've been learning after interviewing around, lookin for a day job, I really like talking to people. I like getting to know people...for the most part. Last night I went to a Personal Essay reading thingie, and would ya believe, I liked nearly all of those people. Except my arch-nemisis. I hate that guy.

I think the only people I don't like (aside from Arch Nemi) are the jerks who don't know how to drive in L.A. traffic, which really is a lot of people. But, hey, they might be nice when out of their cars and in person.

Oh yeah, and zombies, but are they in the people classification?

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Scary Men

It's kinda funny to me that MSNBC, last night, went from covering Bush commuting Scooter Libby's sentence for obstruction of justice to the Dateline Predator series. I began to wonder, which is scarier - our President clearly showing us that he is "the Decider" and he, and his staff (cronies) live by different rules than me and you - OR a schoolteacher that e-mails pictures of his junk and shows up for a date with a 13yr old (boy or girl, still creepy).

I think ole Bush, aka President Jr., is scarier. We live in a time where anything goes and we are ruled by people who say "F-you" quite literally, to the rules of our Constitution and even the most basic and intrinsic laws of this land. Can we please send Chris Hansen into the Oval office with incriminating e-mails and a copy of that Constitution maybe a copy of Congressional Subpoenas? That'd bring in the ratings.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

There are a lot of me.

I recently looked up some old friends on the Google. Ya know how sometimes you wanna talk to people you used to be friends with but drifted apart from for some reason? Those are the folks I've been looking for. It's really only like 3 people, my friend pool is the kind that you blow up in the summer and it leaves a round patch of dead grass in the middle of your lawn when you're done with it.

So I figured, maybe somebody is Googling me (though you think I'd notice something like being Googled). I thought I'd see what might happen if somebody Googled my maiden name. I am unfound :( There is a famous Apprentice loser who shares my maiden name. She takes up the first 10 pages of Google, mostly in English, but then it shows you her websites in Spanish, German, French and something I believe is Korean.

I thought I'd Google my married name, see if I fare any better on the Google-ometer that way. Nope. Lot's of me-s in that category too. I am not the one who is the rocket scientist. So I am un-Googlable. Lost in a crowd of the ordinary. There are way too many me-s.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Zombies on Dream TV

The only thing that stops zombies from attacking is to turn off the TV. Why won't my husband turn off the zombie movie? I guess he's got a hankerin for more brains.