Monday, July 5, 2010


Really Good Books and Rants on Twits

Hi Everybody!

Firstly, I wanted to let you know how much I loved reading 32 Candles. In full disclosure, the author did workshop a few early pages in writing classes I attended. She is also the editor of Fierce And Nerdy, where I post as a Tall Drink of Nerd.

I got to see her writing early and could not WAIT for her book to be released. Now, I had only read about 6 pages before the publication. Ernessa has a writing style that is down-to-earth, but interesting and complex in a very good way.

So the book came in the mail, all pretty in pink (hey, I just got that was another John Hughes reference!) Since the main character is a poor black girl from the south, I was concerned that I wouldn't relate to her, but that worry quickly dissolved. It's just a great story and I was totally in Davie Jones' corner the ENTIRE book (Davie is the main girlie).

I devoured this novel. It was impossible just to put down. If you know me, you know that I am obsessed with volunteering at The Lange Foundation every Saturday. Well, on the Saturday that I was 1/2 way through 32 Candles, I did my level best to give those animals all sorts of love, but couldn't wait to get home to finish the darn book before the sun set.

I highly recommend 32 Candles. If you'd like to see how my taste in books run, check out my blog on FaN about it.

Now for something completely different (A woman with two buttocks)

Because I want to drive people to my blog Moons Over Monument, I started taking Twitter seriously. By taking it seriously, that means posting, following people and hoping they follow you back to drive traffic. Here are the things I discovered in the past 3 days of spending too much time on Twitter:

1. People take it seriously! There are apparently rules to what #MentionMonday, #WriterWednesday and #FollowFriday mean. Honestly, I am not yanking your chain, leg or any other swinging appendage. People take these rules seriously. I, as a newbie, failed and did a #FollowFriday on a #MentionMonday. Twitter-fail.

(I just saw that some very kind followers did a #FollowFriday for MOM. Even with my fail in my pocket, that warmed my heart cockles :-)

2. People take it seriously! One Tweeter from IL, followed me on Friday, then got all kinds of upset because I mentioned her on #mentionmonday. I put an intro: "I think I love these people." before about 5 twitter accounts, including hers (this was before I knew the rules and the difference between #MentionMonday and #FollowFriday) She said "I'm suspicious of you..." and blocked me. DUDE, it's an introduction to you and 4 other people to get followers to you. I am moderately stunned how people take this so seriously. (no, she wasn't 14, she is in her 30's!)

Apparently, I take it too seriously too, after all here I am blathering on about it here, soothing my bruised lettle ego...gonna zen out, and remember it's just Twitter. Also, going to remember that I don't have to tweet every thought that rambles through the corridor between my ears. I jumped into the deep end of the Tweet pool for a couple of days. Seems like a good time to mellow out on the steps in the shallows and sip a lemonade.

And now, The Spanish Inquisition (bet you weren't expecting that.)