Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fawty with my Shawty (or eating on my birthday)

Why, hello again!

Yesterday was my birthday and anniversary (Birthaversary) so I am now 1 day older and deeper in debt, literally, cause we spent some ka-ching yesterday!

Since it was so low-key phenomenal, and totally all about eating, I figured I'd give you the highlights (with minimal pix, cause we forgot the camera like dummies):

1st - Wanted to start the day with yoga, but was sleepy. We said screw-it and slept in. Sean made me delicious protein pancakes with berries. That was healthy right?!?

2nd - gym, ran, weights, sweated, did not feel like a total gluttonous lump...yet.

3rd - Lunch reservations at The Huntley Penthouse, which is a fabulous hotel about 1 block south. It's normally way to fabulous for the likes of us, but Seen got me a saucy black dress as a present, so we decided we could fit in. The view is gorgeous. The restaurant is on the 16th floor, exactly 2 blocks east of the Santa Monica beach, so you can pretty much see up and down the coast through giant windows that surround the space. I was facing the beach, so that's the view I had. Seen was facing the restaurant, so he got to look at me (great view...) AND pretty much the whole city. We both had the crispy skin salmon, which was served on tomato coulis. Is it still a healthy lunch if I had a big ole Mojito. The salmon was good, the mojito was ok, I kept burping mint the rest of the day (TMI?)

4th - We met Irma at Oceana, which is a swank hotel about 1 block north of us. Due to it's swankness and celebritardness, they don't usually allow non-guests to come into the lounge, which is right off the pool area. We just walked in like we belonged and nobody bothered us :)

The Oceana makes a toasted marshmallow shake that Irma had told me about 3-4 weeks ago. I figured it was a good b-day desert. I was right, it tasted like a toasted marshmallow shake, which costs $14. Lets just say I'm gonna figure out how to make those at home.

5th - Exhausted by the days exploits (of walking 3-4 blocks for foods) we decided to skip our beach plans and just hang at home and make dinner. I made pesto, tossed some chicken I'd baked earlier into the food processor with the pesto and then made home-made ravioli's with the filling. Now I really want a pasta maker, cause I just can't roll this dough out thin enough! As I am normally a horrible cook, I'll take the raves we both gave this effort.

See, nothing too exciting, just food, lots of delicious food! Seen made the day wonderful by taking off work and hanging out with me. I kinda wish every day was my birthday (then I'd be a little over 14,000)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Textercising - Copyright Stinky Junior

This post makes me feel a little like Andy Rooney, only I'm not as funny or as saggy (yet): Didya ever wonder who is so important that they have to be texting while they're on a treadmill?

We're going to the gym now instead of Muscle Beach, which is not happy making because I am still sans iPod and our current gym is like 4 blocks from UCLA, so it's filled with beautiful co-eds who are probably very smart, but because I'm shallow and they're pretty, let's just say they are vapid and I prefer working out on Muscle Beach, well, cause it's on the beach and it's all gymnastical and body weight. (and it's cool.)

But Seen hurt his ankle on the Santa Monica stairs, and we're workout buddies, so we go to the gym so he can avoid feet related exercises, like slippery stairs and walking and such.

While at the gym, I try to just focus on my own mat, as they say in yoga. Focus on my own workout, but hell, there are pretty co-eds of both varieties to look at. Lots of eye candy and fashion ideas. What cracks me up is the 40% of girls, and about 3% of the boys, who are texting while they work out. I can not relate (or conjugate) to textercisers.

Dude, I don't really like going to the gym, so I'm gonna actually make an effort while I'm there, so I can get OUT of there. Why go if you're just gonna kinda pedal on the stationary bike while textercising or sorta do crunches while your thumbs are flying away? Okay, you do look good in your Juicy sweat gear, but there is a Coffee Bean 3 doors away... Much less effort down there, and they have cookies!

"I just don't get it." Amy Rooney

Thursday, June 4, 2009

No Wheaties

Beer. I love beer.

Unfortunately, I also have that whole "sensitivity to wheat" thing going on, so beer stuffs me up and gives me hella hangover the next morning, even if I only have one! Life seemed so unfair, until...

Hurray for Redbridge! A delightful beer that has a wonderfully rich red flavor. It is made with sorghum instead of wheat, so no hangover (ok, hangover may occur if you have more than, say, 2 or 3.) I've tried several gluten-free beers and this one is the tastiest (also the most readily available.) We've asked our local liquor store to stock it and I know that BevMo does carry it.

Redbridge is Anheuser-Busch's answer for the alcoholic, beer-loving Celiac suffering crowd and we say 'Thank you sirs!"

Monday, June 1, 2009

Inspirational Pigeons

It's mid-year (almost) and my mid-year resolutions have just kicked in. Okay they were kicked in last week, but hey, I'm an early starter.

Big resolution: Since I am "Fun-employed" I am treating my writing like a job. I have a set, scheduled time to write daily. I've been going to the Coffee Bean and writing for 1-2 hours every morning. (Ok, 4 mornings in the last week).

There are two pigeons hanging around the Coffee Bean who are "handicapped": Stumpy, who has one regular foot and one foot with just one talon on a stump and, the guy I saw this morning with two toes that are black and turn up on the end of his foot. Ouch.

They don't seem to let their handicap stop them, so I'm oddly inspired by them. I've got good feet, aside from a slight case of plantar faciitis, and no health problems. If these little moochers can make a go of it, I guess I can make it out of the house to write.

I'll try to get a pic of Stumpy tomorrow. I always try to slip him some scone without the other pigeons noticing, maybe he'll see me and pose for the camera.