Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I have a code

Me in training courtesy of

The world has gone crazy in a handbasket, so I'm learning how to build websites.  Don't call me a Hero.  Ok, go ahead. 

As I stumble through this WordPress training, I feel like a monkey trying to learn to communicate via computer screen.  If I focus hard enough, someday Jane Goodall will give me that dang orange. (I know, mixed monkey metaphor)

It also occurs to me that I'm an impatient soul.  I've always gone for the quick gains, usually skipping the basics, because, come on, lets face it, the basics are for slow people .  Impatience is the reason I get so friggin bored during basic information sessions (like during my training for the census.  That took for. friggin. ever.)

For the WordPress training, I actually started from the top and paid attention.  There were cool little things I learned that I might have missed had I skipped ahead.  I think my mindset started changing toward the basics over the last week or so, when I started teaching myself piano.  Piano isn't something where you can skip to expert level on the first day.  Patience is learning Aura Lee, at advancing speed, without screeching in frustration as my finger hits "F" instead of "G".  Someday I'll get to Carnegie Hall... with lots of practice. (It's still called Carnegie Hall right?  It's not "Groupon Hall" yet is it?)

The other thing I need to tell you is to check out my Fierce and Nerdy blogumn on being nice.  My default setting is Cran-Key.  When I eat right and exercise, I'm nicer.  Being mindful of being a citizen of the world, also helps me tone down the crank. 

My Dad set an example of how to be kind and trust people, a courtesy he gave to nearly everyone he met.  Before he passed, Dad told us a story of a man, who he hired to work for his concrete business back in the 70's.  The guy called him in 2008, while Dad was battling MDS, to let Dad know that because Dad had taken a chance on this wild drifter guy, that guy had learned what it took to work and create a good life.  The guy went on to build a successful business.  That was just how Dad treated people, with patience and belief.  That's good stuff to learn.

Courtesy of Quasi's owner Renee
Before we part, you totally need to check out this cat.  Seriously, it's not Photoshop.  He is a real cat. His owner made cool character art, My Ugly Kitty, and seems to have a great sense of humor.  We dig Renee and Quasi!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Revolving resolve

Hot Topics!

Resolution number Six for 2011 is to update this blog at least once a week. As this is the first week of 2011, I am off to a stellar start. So, let's update shall we?

1. I want this. A notepad. For the shower!! This brilliant device will do one of two things: Either I will write down all of the genius ideas that bombard me in the shower, or it will scare the muse out of the shower and I can actually wash with a calm, peaceful mind. Click on the pic to find out where you can buy it for me.

2. I decided to make some catnip toys for the kitties at the shelter. Since the sewing machine is broken, I hand sewed little pockets and filled them with batting and nip. To entertain my brain, whilst my fingers were stitching, I watched Boardwalk Empire on demand. I got sucked into the really great writing, unpredictable characters and inside jokes about history. Plus, I stage managed some theatre with Micheal Shannon a few years ago, so it's always fun to see him working.

SPOILER ALERT - (Ok, not really a SPOILER but more of a frowny emoticon) The last episode of Season 1 was lousy. I got totally hooked on the first 11 and then, ppllbbt. It seemed so contrived. At one point, during Michael Shannon's last scene of the season, I felt like I was watching an episode of Three's Company. Not sure why the writers/producers made those choices, other than JUST to keep a successful cast.

3. Joined a writing group. I knew 2 people going in, but had weird random historical connections to the other 3. Connections I didn't know about until the meeting. Sussing out those connections led to me rambling. I have two social modes, shy/terrified or rambling. In the moment, rambling always feels like a triumph over my timidity. Later, say, in the shower when I have monkey mind, I wonder why I say dorky things and get embarrassed. Aside from my neurotic reactions to being social, I am really looking forward to the group. It's giving me deadlines to get seriously serious and finish draft 2 of my NaNoRhino novel.

And now, as the rambling for this week comes go a close, I wish you a very warm and happy 2011. (Check out more resolutions and top picks for movies/books/TV/music for 2010 on Fierce and Nerdy.) Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the paper towels on the top shelf.