Monday, February 7, 2011

Why Feathers Make Me Sleepy

Workin' Hard or Hardly Workin'?
Hello Sports Fans!  I really just wanted you to check out my latest and averagely fine Fierce and Nerdy blogumn about Super Bowl Commercials.  I wrote it yesterday because I was on my arse in front of the TV and too sleepy to come up with anything else.  Genius!

Too. Many. Feathers.
I'm sleepy because, for 3 nights and/or pre-dawns in a row, KoE the cat was tossing cookies.  Not like ninja stars, but as in hurling up the contents of her stomach.  On Saturday morning, let's say around 4:45, she woke me up with that cat "uh-hurk, uh-hurk, uh-hurk" sound of vomiting.  I know that cats throw up, it's just something they do, but Saturday morning, she continued to throw up and throw up and throw up, probably over a dozen times, with just foamy bile coming up the last several goes.  Not yay.  A doctors visit was in order.

I had noticed, as I was cleaning up after her, that there were little bits of orange flecks in her mess.  Seen and I turned into detectives.  There was no orange bits in her food or her treats or any of the myriad of safe toys lying about the shack.  Then I remembered, the orange feather on the end of her feather on a stick toy.  I dragged it out of it's "safe" spot in the closet and sure enough, little bits were missing. 

Time for a nap!
At 9:00 we took her to the vet.  They squeezed us in for an exam and an x-ray.  Dr. Metten showed us on the x-ray where teeny bits of white spots were in her tummy, bits of undigested feather.  From the looks of it, probably about 3-4 dozen little bits.  It was irritating her stomach and making her hurl. 

She is on a bland diet, which she is hating, for a few days and will be fine.  She hasn't tossed her lunch since Saturday, so I've been catching up on my rest.  I've also had a heart to heart chat with her about trying to be sick during regular business hours going forward, because the human lady needs her sleep.  Not sure she's paying attention, she's been busy looking for her missing feather toy.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sweet Knits

I wish my hobby was knitting, because I could make myself something warm to wrap around myself on these chilly mornings. (And yes, I feel silly saying "chilly" when it's 45 degrees and the rest of the country is  around -4000, with windchill.)  My hobby/passion is writing, so I am going to make myself a shawl out of rejection notices.  Mmmm cozy.

That's totally me at Grandma's house!
Other than being cold, I'm on a hunt for candy.  Since being made aware that I am now allergic to chocolate, I need to find sweet stuff that won't send me into vertigo.  All the good stuff is either chocolate or covered in chocolate.  I've been searching for caramels.  Unfortunately, all the caramels I've found so far live in chocolate houses.  My Grandma used to have a candy bowl with Brach's flavored caramel Royals.  Seen suggested I ask her where she found them, but as she passed away over 23 years ago, the conversation probably wouldn't be productive.

The Whole doesn't have caramels. Target didn't even have Kraft caramels.  None of the 80 grocery stores we've stopped at had caramels sans cocoa.  So now I'm pondering Amazon, which apparently has an abundance of caramel selections (including Royals which I would find delicious, but eating them would make me miss Grandma).  Or I could make my own, but we all know how incredibly lazy I really am.