Monday, March 16, 2009

Here I am now, entertain me.

Hello over by you,

I have sour belly from riding about in the car all day today. Urp.

I just wanted to alert you to my new blog (Seriously, how many blogs should one person have?? )
Apparently, I'm very fascinated by me.

Don't you judge me, just check out my blog about learning things from Ling Ling. It's entertaining to Seen, and honestly, that's all that really matters.

Ole Narcissus

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hi! I know it's been awhile and today will be a shortish post.

Today is my 3rd unemployed day, but really the first day I haven't been entirely stressed out. I'm starting to think straight! I will never post about work-stuff, just not my style. I will tell you what I did today that made me ponder 3 different odd things.

We keep some supplies on hand in case of earthquake or other emergencies. I decided to take a quick look at our stash, see if anything needed to be used or updated. Here are the 3 weird things:

1. The 2.5 gallon water jug was empty. The cabinet wasn't wet and the nozzle wasn't open. There was a small hole on the top of the jug. Could 2.5 gallons have evaporated? Weird.

2. Did you know that rice has an expiration date? Why exactly does rice have an expiration date?

3. Today is Wednesday, March 11, 2009. The peanut butter in our stash has an expiration date of March 11, 2009. That is a weird coincidence. I think I'm gonna make P-nut butter cookies!

Okay folkies, I've gotta get this house in order. (and make it smell like cookies...) In case you missed my FierceAndNerdy post about Watchmen, go here and make a comment, but DON'T tell me what happens, for the luva...