Monday, September 29, 2008

Three Legged Kitties and Tall Drink O' Nerd

Tall Drink O' Nerd, that's me.

Ernessa has graced me with another blog opportunity. No poop this time, but lots of scoop on how awesome the Public Library is!

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I was so bummed that I was too sick yesterday to go to the West Hollywood book fair. I caught a stupid cold on Thursday which turned epic in proportion by the weekend, forcing me to do basically nothing but suffer and heal.

The only thing I did aside from blowing my nose constantly and talking like a man while surrounded by used tissues and watching really bad movies on cable was visit the kitty rescue on Saturday to see Annabelle.

Annie is now a three legged kitty with a little nub for her left front leg. She's about 3 times the size she was when I found her, but she's glossy and happy and healthy and so friggin adorable. I got to hold her for about 4 minutes at the PetCo where the rescue was showing kitties for adoption. No crying this time! Seen said he was worried for a minute that I wouldn't let her go (I almost didn't). She's available for adoption, but our Munchy (16 years old with IBD) gets really sick with any change or stress so we can't, just can't bring any new critters into the house. She's so cute, she was probably adopted Saturday. I'm just thrilled she has a great foster mom and is acting like a regular cat.

A happy ending for the kitty!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And in Other News...The Pope is Catholic

I heard, on AM radio and then the morning news that Clay Aiken has announced that he is gay. That's totally, "whatever" news, and I'm not one to ever, ever judge how a person lives their life. But it just made me chuckle that it was deemed news yesterday. Maybe the media decided we needed a little break from the scary, run-screaming, pull your hair out, Blank-Check Paulson news that's been overtaking us lately.

Thanks media, consider that goal accomplished!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ETC is Fierce and Nerdy

Aloha fair travelers on the series of tubes that form the Internets.

A wonderful chick I know named Ernessa has started a very cool website called "Fierce and Nerdy" and she has asked me to contribute. I was absolutely flattered and happy to.

My first post landed today and it's about Cat Poo. So if you like me or Cat Poo, or just an awesome fun blog-site, check out


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Touch my Monkeys

Hey folks!

Awhile a go, let's say about a year or so, I wrote a silly poem about monkeys that I then had my sister Janet illustrate. She did a lot of work, research and edits on the illustrations, I did a few re-writes and dealt with the frustration of an online publisher and with a few bad printings. We initially gave the printed version of the books to my great nieces and nephews as Christmas presents last year. Seen thinks the book is so awesome that we should share it's brilliance with the world at large. He's my biggest fan :)

So you can buy my Monkeys now! The book is for sale on 10% of the profits will to go a local animal rescue. The other 90% will go towards beers.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Long Distance Dedication

This post is for Aimee, who has the same name as me, but she spells hers the fancy way. She told me "I'll delete you from my links if you don't blog within 6 months." I take that challenge very seriously! (not as seriously as the Special K challenge, for which I will choose as my weapon - Pistols at Dawn!!)

So this blog is for Aimee, even though nothin much is goin on and my opinions are being muted by the noise from the campaigns. The campaign about issues and the other campaign about pointless noise. I shall not blog about politics. I shall not blog about politics. I shall not blog about politics**

**My family has utterly different political views than I do. I love my family and political BS is not worth the cost of upsetting or getting upset with family. Plus the Henry's do NOT do conflict well. We're more hide in the hole until the Sabre Tooth passes kind o folks.

So I'll just blog a little for Aimee. Hi Aimee! I like Boston Cream Pie too, but I don't really care for HSM, (maybe I do, I've just never seen it...) Let's go eat some Hot Wings!

For Aimee
From Amy