Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Looking at the Moon


I know, it's been awhile. Two days after my last post, Seen got laid off, no notice. (I haven't had a paycheck in about 3 months)

3 days after Seen got laid off, my Dad was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia. Dad has been living with MDS for over a year, so this new diagnosis was not the best news. I wrote about that in a blogumn for my friend Ernessa's blog, FierceAndNerdy.com

It's been a craptacular year, or two. But...I'm focusing on the positive this very moment. The positives are:

1. Living in a beach community now, which is a great place to be unemployed! It's much better than being unemployed during the summer in the sweltering valley.

2. Dad recovered from his latest brink of doom sinus infection and hopefully he might be able to make it home from the hospital within the next month or two.

3. I get to hang out with Seen all the time!

4. While in CO, I got to be with all manner of family and they are awesome!

5. Munchy has responded well to her treatment for CRF and high blood pressure. She has her bad days, but she's pretty spry for a 17 yr old cat.

6. I got my health! Which I am maintaining by working out fer free at Muscle Beach (see this weeks FierceAndNerdy post.)

7. Lots and lots more

Now I'm gonna go do something summery, beachy and life-affirming, because all this crud has pointed out one giant fact. All we get is today, let's make the most of it.