Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I gotta get outta here and do my civic duty (I was selected to be on a jury, try to disguise your envy.)

First though, today is the sharing between the Munchys. I've mentioned our Munchela before, but there is another Munchy in the world, same age, 17 yrs old and similar markings. The differences are; the other Munchy is a boy and has fluffy long fur. Oh and the boy Munchy doesn't live with an evil calico who has a tendency towards kitty leap-frog.

So, by request, here are some pix of our old lady Munch. She is a weirdo who yells alot, even when she's happy, so we have a LOT of pictures of her mouth open and eyes all squinty. She's been with us a long time and experienced many of life's changes. She's always been awesome. Always.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chained Up Fool

Hi Guys...

You know I'm a lard-ass right... (I told you yesterday.) Now, I gotta admit that I'm addicted to TV. Check out the plea on my Fierce And Nerdy blog for you to help a sista out RIGHT NOW!! Put down that remote and give me addiction kicking suggestions.

I'm thinking, and have found many articles on the internets to support this, that my TV addiction could be contributing to my fat ass. (that's right, I said ass twice in one blog. If you wanna hurt me, take away my TV) As I was researching the addiction, I found a bunch of sites that delve into the scientific aspects of TV addition. Dudes, it's a real thing! Holy crapstada! I have all the "symptoms" So embarassing!

Scroll down on this page to check out this Kaufman Spectrum of Television Addiction chart

Here's more facts and things.

I may actually have to follow through on this kicking the habit thing. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not the PHaT kind

Well hell. I'm fat again.

There was approximately 10 minutes of my life when I thought I was in moderately good shape. I was 5 lbs from reaching my goal weight (that's the weight I listed on my drivers license.) Now I'm 15 lbs away from the goal. Crap.

Okay, I was 25 lbs away from the goal for a time, but seriously, I am not happy. My ass has spread, I feel like my throat is fat. I'm ruining my health again, raising my blood sugar, eating things I have mild allergies to and making myself crankilicious. Urgh.

And who is responsible for this downfall? Who is responsible for making my wardrobe smaller? ME! I'm an idiot. I know how to eat healthy and make the right choices. I know how this crap makes me feel. I know I only have one body and one life to feel 100% me (which, at 100% I am so awesome I almost have to slap myself. ) Right now I'm about 25% me. I'm far from obese, but I'm REALLY unhappy with what I've done to myself. Honestly, I don't have body issues, I just want to eat healthy and feel better. Period.

I'm gonna stop bitching and go for a run, which is hard on my knees cause I'm fat again. Dangnabbit!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Get Thee to the FaN

Yo Peeps!

Oh, that makes me hungry for marshmellow birds covered with yellow sugar.

Back to the point!

Go read my blog at FaN. Please help me get Ms. Inspiration into my pants, er, house. Sorry. See! I have no good ideas when I'm here at my fantastical desk. Just bad jokes.

Forgive me if I offend (but read my FaN blog anyways.)

Cheep, cheep

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Update with a slice o' pie

Just wanted to let ya know that Black Homeless Kitty found a home! The same night I sent my email, a former co-worker of mine wrote that he and his wife and kids needed a cat. The circumstances involved his cat passing away just before Christmas and his surviving cat needed a friend, which is terribly sad anyway you tell it. BUT now the black kitty has a home with good people that I absolutely trust and another kitty to keep her company! (He did change her name from Adora Bowles, which I thought was incredibly clever.) Looks like 2009 is starting out okay...wheee

As for the pie, I just whipped up a Chocolate Cream Pie for work tomorrow. Made the chocolate custard from scratch based on a recipe in Amy Sedaris' hilarious book "I Like You" I'm still getting a handle on crusts, working with store bought right now, but hope to move into handcrafted soon. I'll keep you updated.

Peace OUT

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I just became one of "Those People"

Dear Lord! I just sent out an email to get a stray cat a home. Getting those emails always make me so sad, but I never adopt the poor creature. Trying to find a home for a cat is like trying to sell ice to Eskimos. Man, I hope this works and didn't peeve people too much. Here is the email:


If you are considering adopting an animal, please contact me about this cat. If you aren't a cat person, please forward this to friends of yours who are. This is one of the best cats I've ever met, she shouldn't be a victim of lack of space and bad timing. (I don't want to offend anyone with this email, I just want to find this cat a home and figured I'd contact everyone with a big heart for their help.)

I took a few days off around the New Years. I figured I'd catch up on my correspondence, get a head start on the ole resolutions, but I came home New Years Eve and found a little black cat on my back porch. She had a safety collar and a little shaved belly (obviously a recent spay) She was ridiculously affectionate, so I hung out with her for about an hour. When she was still on our back porch the next morning, we took a picture and put up "Found Cat" posters around the neighborhood and had her scanned for a micro-chip at the local pound. No chip, but 3 days later, one of our neighbors called with her story. She was a part of a feral colony that they feed. They had her fixed to avoid more kittens and let her in the house for "a few days" but put her out again. She still had a stitch left in her tummy. The guy said "We have 5, if you want her, keep her."

Though she is the sweetest cat ever, I can't keep her. Which is where you come in! I think she would be a great addition to anybodies home. She is spayed, (we had that last stitch removed) she has her shots (I can get the paperwork from the neighbor). She is extremely affectionate and loves being petted and scratched and rolling around on her back being adorable. She was part of a large colony of feral cats, so, once acclimated to any new roommates, she should be great with other cats. From her behavior here, it seems that all she wants to do is come inside and snuggle. She's been hanging out on the back porch pretty much all day and all night.

She has been on our back porch for 5 days now. I've put up a temporary shelter for her, but I can't bring her inside, though she keeps trying to sneak in. I would love to welcome her in, but Munchy, our 17 yr old cat, has a nervous problem with her bladder and urethra, so anytime she has ever a small amount of stress she gets really sick with a UTI. She only has one kidney, so we try to keep stress to a minimum around her. Also, our finances can't support another animal and our housing situation isn't entirely certain. If we have to look for an apartment, having 4 cats would certainly make it more difficult.

I would love to get her in a home quickly (of if you are a rescue person, let me know if you have a foster situation available). We have set up a little shelter to keep her warm at night, but it's not heated and the weather could turn colder. She is also a black cat, outside, next to a busy street.

Sorry to be the first "Give this cat a home" email of the year, but lets find this girl a place of her own! Thanks for your time, I hope all is well in your world.