Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Moment

I shall not start every blog with the note, "It's been awhile since I've written here", though it is so often appropriate.

Also I like to list things. So here are the 2 things I'm here for today:

A. Just checked out pix from Halloween. This year has put a ton of stress on my body and MAN do I look tired and a little old.

2. I haven't been driving. Even though my job is about 18 miles away from my abode, Seen drives me to work in the morning and I've been catching the express bus home every night. (BTW, Seen is a frickin awesome, selfless, wonderful, handsome, talented, intelligent person. I am a lucky wifey.) So I bring the iPod with me to listen to Huck Finn on the way home. Gotta keep me entertained, as I am an American and god forbid I am alone with my thoughts for 2 minutes. Tonight, the iPod died, even though I charged it all night last night. The iPod started up, said "charge me", gave me the finger and RIP'ed it just as I started my ride. So, I looked out the window.

Best thing that happened to me today. Out the west window of a southbound bus on a dark LA freeway was a river of light. The grainy sunshade on the buses giant window was blocking any definition in the cars out there, so all I saw were thousands of lights, gliding past me. It was like walking on stars...I turned it into a meditation and it was awe-some. There is unexpected beauty all around us.

Just thought I'd share that with you.