Monday, November 17, 2008

What's New Pussycat?

Well, not much really.

my BLOGUMN up on Fierce and, that's all!

Yeah, I'm fabulous, but I'll still hang out with you and eat your left-over Halloween candy.

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and leave a comment on why you think we heart our pets so much. And enjoy the picture of Ling Ling (aka Stinky Junior) as she graces my commentary.

Just to tug at your heart strings, here's the mythology of the origins of Stinkerbell:

I was absolutely resolved that we could not, WOULD NOT, have a 4th cat in our house, until…Until Ling Ling got chucked into our backyard one rainy November morning. The neighbors wrapped her in a t-shirt, opened our gate and tossed her on our back step, which is concrete by the way. She was 2 months and 2 pound, most of which was giant ears, HUGE kitten eyes right out of a black velvet painting and a knob at the end of her tail where it broke at a 90degree angle. I spent about 8 hours, that day, talking to people and trying to find her a “good home”. Seen was working at home that day and decided we would give her a "good home". She’s now 3 and weighs 14 pounds and I could not image life without her. (I’m not just saying that because she’s lying across my hand right now, making it hard for me to type.)

If you have room in your home, adopt a shelter cat (or doggy if you like) Cats greatly outnumber dogs in shelters. The Humane Society has declared a Cat Crisis due to the disparity. If you have room, open your heart to one great experience.

I am always right

Look, I admit that on occasion I get irritable with phone customer service people. It doesn't happen too often. I normally try to understand that they are doing a job and most days I do my best to brighten their day and make them laugh. There are times, tho, when the agent is a douche. Douches work in a lot of professions, some even work in my office! (You know who you are, and where did you find out about my blog??)

My nephew opened my eyes to this blog written by customer service people:

Hopefully I'm never as annoying, stupid, pushy, irritable or plain rude as the people who make this site. God FORBID I ever read about myself there.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog - Call Me Jeremiah

I'm not sure of what I just got myself into here. Ever the joiner, when Thommy, of my offices "party planning committee", said he and the other Aimee were going to be caroling for our Xmas event, I chirped "I'll carol with you!!" I love Christmas songs, they're timeless, universal, cheesy. Aimee and Thommy are singers who have used their voices to sing, like for people, recently. I believe Aimee has auditioned for singing parts and is on albums and stuff.

Thommy wrote me note later, asking what part I sang. Years ago, we're talking decades, I was an alto. When I first moved to Chicago, I would sing in open mikes and jams around town, desperately trying to channel Sarah Vaughn. I was invited back to sing at a few bars, (can't remember the name of the places, like the Green Door or the Red Mill. Like I says, decades ago...) My voice was in pretty good shape, so I didn't butcher the standards too much. I also managed to catch a band and a husband while singing.

So Thommy asked if I'd do a solo. Joiner me responds, "What the Hell. Sure."

I'm sooo in over my head.

I played the CD of carols we'll be singing in the car on the commute home tonight. I sang along with the 2 songs I thought I might pull off. Lordy, lordy, my voice is now reminiscent of a goose with a head-cold. Vocally, I am out of shape and I won't even embarrass myself relating my struggle to find the correct key to sing in.

The carollers will be rehearsing several times before the Christmas event. What're the odds my voice can be toned and fit within a month?

This could be an epic fail. I just hope it isn't sad, but hilarious.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just Fine

Hey kids,

It's been awhile. I'm so sorry I've been neglecting you and I don't even have the excuse of children distracting me. That's what I kinda wrote about on this installment of my blogumn on Read it, comment, love me.

In other news, I'm a big fan of this guys comic strip - We The Robots - also, I'm tired.

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