Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gimme Some Sugar, Baby

You may have noticed, by the tone of my blogumns on Fierce and Nerdy, that I am obsessed with sugar. Baking is fun, social, creative and can be hilarious. Other folks must feel that same way because the internets are filled with drool-worthy recipes/imagery that need to be shared with YOU!

So going forward, Friday is going to be Sugar Chaser day on my ole blog here.

Here is the Sugar Chase o' the Week from the OMG blog NotSoHumblePie:

Cookies for Geeks! (Dude, that's the periodic cookies!)

The dichotomy of this is that I know that sugar is bad, bad, bad for you. It's a toxin, it destroys cells, it ages you faster, it makes me grumpy and crampy and fat. Yup, my brain is smart. More often than not my brain controls what my hand puts into my mouth. But sometimes, when my brain isn't looking, I'll sneak a cookie in. (When I worked at the regional office for The Whole, I managed to convince my brain that organic meant healthy. On a steady diet of organic sugar cookies, I gained 15 lbs.)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bird in the Hand

Free beer and big boobies! Since the blog feed onto my Facebook page usually publishes the first sentence of this blog, I figure that this particular sentence would help increase my readership. (I know, grammar police, it's not a sentence. AND I know, Gramma police, it's a little risque with the large amount of my family on FB, so don't show mom...) Check out the blue-footed Boobies to the left there.

So the first order of business today is to direct you to my tasty, lip-smacking donut obsessed Fierce and Nerdy Blog. I haven't had a donut in like a year, probably since I had a full time job come to think of it. I guess I'll go eat some frozen strawberries... That'll make me feel better than any old delicious, old fashioned, white cake with a light glaze donut that melts on my tongue and leaves little crumbs on my desk that I can pick up with the tip of my finger as little dessert treat donuts.

Second order of biz; update on the Writer's Conference. Little ole' shy me had an absolutely phenomenal time! The workshops were all really inspiring and educational and, man, the people I met were hilarious and so open and welcoming. I wish I could find a job just going to writing conferences, now that I know what to wear. (Though I was completely exhausted by the time I got home Sunday night.) HUGE thanks to Marilyn from Writing Pad, for driving and feeding me. I can not wait for her writing retreat in October in 29 Palms!

There was an amazing, life-changing, free-beering, boob-expanding 3rd point, but I've totally forgotten what it was. See what happens to a woman with no sugar in her system and amalgam fillings in her teeth.

I'll sign off with a quote from my donut eating inspiration - Homer J. Simpson - "Maybe it's the beer talking, but you've got a butt that won't quit..."

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Drum Sticks

Hey! How are you? I've been meaning to call, but have been so busy!

Ok, that's not true, we got a Wii Fit and that's pretty much my reality now. I'll see you in March.

When I was home to visit the ole Mom's last month, she mentioned that she and her brother were talking about their kids. Mom and Uncle Bill both agreed that me and Roger (Bill's son) were the weird ones in the family.

2 days later, out of the blue, it hit me and I said "HEY! What do you mean the 'weird ones'?"

Mom said that I march to the beat of my own drummer. Which I think is an odd statement. Doesn't everybody march to the beat of their own drum? Is there some sort of universal drumming that I can't hear that everybody else can? I've already written about how I am the black/different sheep in my herd, so that information doesn't surprise me. I am just having a hard time figuring out how the rest of you normals find the regular beat.

OH and read my FaN column this week. It's all about love and cupid and the marketing hype that is Valentimes Day.

Pah rum pah rum pum

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feels Like the First Time

I'm going to my very first writer's conference next weekend and am starting to spaz out a little. I'm trying to figure out what to wear, what to bring, how much of every thing I should bring, will there be food, will there be bathrooms, will the other kids like me, should I bring my paper bag so I stop hyperventilating...

So far I've got my briefcase thingie, my laptop, some business cards and the semi-organization of the novel/biography I've been working on. (I'm doing the conference's novel writing intensive, so I figured that'd be good.) Other than that I'm clueless and worried I'll end up wearing a prom dress when jeans are the norm, or visa versa, and will have everything I need but a pen. Perhaps I should take my own advice and breathe a little.

If you've been to a writers conference, do you have any little tips that aren't obvious and would be hella helpful? (Like all beauty contestants know to put vaseline on their teeth. Is that helpful at writer's conferences?)

I'm super excited to go. My stomach has the butterfly version of jazz hands because I'm so anxious to get there, get connected and get writing.